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Invaluable tools you need to treat clients on the narcissistic spectrum, AND help their partners and children grow beyond the hurt and pain.Narcissism is a treatable condition, but working with these clients is no easy task.

Developed from years of experience, Daniel Fox, PhD has created a three-sectioned approach, filled with unique worksheets, checklists and impactful exercises to help:
Section 1: Clients on the Narcissistic Spectrum
– Diagnose resistant clients
– Reduce challenging symptoms and negative behaviors
– Move toward the final steps of successful treatment

Section 2: Partners in Relationships with an Individual on the Narcissistic Spectrum
– Help partners cope with and understand their significant other
– Evaluate the costs and benefits of their relationship

Section 3: Children of Individuals on the Narcissistic Spectrum
– Avoid and break free of the narcissistic family habits
– Raise their own children in a healthier environment

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